About Us


Our firm was established in the year 1988. Rendering professionalism and viable solutions in the field of auditing has been the crux for the existence of G. Ramaswamy and CO. Our drive to deliver excellent services is entrenched in our deep-rooted commitment to our clients. GR and co has consistently construed the satisfaction quotient with its clients over the years. Clients are dealt with meticulosity while delivering quality services and quantifiable results. The bridge of goodwill and trust has been paved with foremost care and has stood the test of time in the city.

Our rich amalagam of knowledge and experience has benefitted many large corporates, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Owner Managed Businesses, many of whom are market leaders in their respective fields.

Our propellant to excel exemplifies our approach to value-oriented service delivery. Expert professionals ensure that our clients receive prompt and personalized solutions at all times. We are helmed by experienced partners with commendable professional standing, experience and exposure in various fields associated with the Profession.

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